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Jay T. Will Memorial Site

A Life in Kenpo...

At a Glance

Born:  March 10, 1942
Died:  March 15, 1995
Education:  San Jose State University
Started Kenpo:  1966
Last Rank Achieved:  8th Dan (Hachidan), from Al Tracy
Last Rank from Mr. Parker: 7th Black, 7/16/80 #4358
Astrological Sign:  Pisces

Having trained under both Ed Parker and Al Tracy, Jay T. Will was one of the most versatile martial artists of his day.  Honored as both a tournament competitor and referee, he was also well respected as an author, instructor and media personality.  His numerous film and television appearances made him one of the most recognized martial artists in America.

Some of the honors Mr. Will received include:
  • "Top Ten Karate Competitors" Karate Illustrated, 1972
  • Ohio State Black Belt Open Champion, 1972
  • Tournament of Champions Black Belt Champion, 1972
  • East Coast vs West Coast Black Belt Champion, 1971
  • Kenpo Black Belt Grand Champion, 1973
  • Ohio-Pennsylvania Black Belt Grand Champion, 1972
  • Pro-Am Black Belt Grand Champion, 1972 & 1973
  • PKA Referee of the Year, 1982 & 1983
  • Karate Instructor of the Year, Black Belt, 1976
  • Kenpo Instructor of the Year, Inside Kung-Fu, 1984
Jay T. Will taught over 10,000 students and appeared in over 20 films, earning his SAG card.  Mr. Will also taught law enforcement agencies, sheriff departments, the Ohio State University and Wittenberg University basketball teams as well as several professional football and baseball players.  He taught karate for Ohio State University from 1970-1972 and was the instructor for "Kenpo Karate for Self-Defense" on WOSU-TV and Warner QUBE.  Jay T. Will also hosted the syndicated movie matinee show, "Black Belt Theater."  Additionally, Mr. Will passed on much of the wealth of his knowledge in two books,  Kenpo Karate for Self-Defense and Advanced Kenpo Karate, which together still stand as one of the most authoritative guides to kenpo ever published.